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Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases

Honest Medicine
More than 100,000 People Worldwide Have Been Helped
Effective, Time-tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases
[Including MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Epilepsy, Liver Disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other diseases]
Book Author: Julia Schopick
Publisher: Innovative Health Publishing
Cost: (Paperback) $14.95

Thank you Julia Schopick for sending me this book to review!

Julia wrote Honest Medicine in the early 1990s when her husband was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. So Julia did everything she could to work alongside the medical community and doctors to help treat him. She did a lot of research on brain tumors, cancer, medicine, etc. While doing all of her homework, she realized how informed she had become with all of this medical knowledge that the public was not aware of. So she started to write columns and articles on health and medicine, and had become very popular and started to become published with a lot of widely known news companies, and health organizations. Julia felt that she should share all the knowledge and information she was learning with the public, and started her own blog.  I highly recommend visiting the blog and taking a look at the materials there, along with the book to learn what you can do if you or a loved one may have any of the health problems mentioned above.

Honest Medicine revolved around non-mainstream health and medicine cures for such diseases and medical conditions that even today doctors and well-known health institutions and hospitals have a difficult time treating and or curing. The first section of this book introduces you to Tim, who was Julia’s husband. In 1990 Tim was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor by his doctors. Once Tim was diagnosed with the brain tumor, Julia did all she could be to become Tim’s medical advocate and started to do all of the research she could on Tim’s diagnosis. She learned about the traditional treatments and medicines that doctors and medical institutions used to treat such conditions. She also learned the costs of these treatments. So Julia wanted to read about and research non-conventional and in her own words “out of the box” treatments. In doing all of her research, Julia learned about Silverlon. She convinced Tim’s doctors to try Silverlon to help his surgical wounds heal when nothing else seemed to be working. Literally overnight, Tim’s wounds started to heal amazingly. What a simple, and cheap treatment, and as Julia puts it, “an out of the box treatment”. Silverlon has many other uses, not just for treating a problem like Tim’s, but learn the other benefits of it, and who knows, you might be able to find a use for it for yourself, or a loved one.  

You will also read about pediatric and adult seizure disorders. You are given a background on each patient, the doctors who treated them, the treatments used, and then, the diet each patient was introduced to.  It was amazing to read the stories of these patients and what they went through, but to learn of a diet that can be so helpful to them and many other patients around the world. Unfortunately, since it isn’t a medicine that these doctors are taught about in med-school, it’s not something most doctors push to use. This is not the typical treatment used, it’s not the drugs that they spend so much time learning about. It’s not a surgical procedure that is cutting edge, and that can financially benefit these doctors, so a majority of these doctors and medical professionals push these treatments for their patients, and the patients don’t hear about this amazing diet that can benefit them in such a drastic way. You learn about this diet, patients who have used it, how it helped them, and foundations and doctors who do use this treatment. So maybe if you, or a loved one, or someone you know suffers from such terrible seizure disorders, this is something that would be helpful to read, and learn about. Who knows, it’s a diet, what do you have to lose?

I like to consider myself pretty medically savvy. I have not gone to medical school or received any medical training. But I do have quite a bit of medical conditions and take a lot of medications, see a lot of doctors, and spend a lot of time in the hospital. I feel I learned quite a bit reading this book and learning more about how today’s medical system works and how off-label uses for medical conditions can be very helpful if you just take the time and do your research. Reading this book has given me a different perspective on the medical system, doctors, and medicines. Other areas of the book teach you how doctors are trained, how medical schools work, and there are even chapters written by doctors themselves, so you hear it directly from them the truth about medicine. Take a read through Honest Medicine and learn for yourself.

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